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fountain hills az

Fearless Blog

Springtime with your Kitty

Calli Varner

Spring has sprung, which means lots of fun activities are right around the corner! Here are some tips on how to have a fun and safe spring with your feline friend.

o   Who doesn’t love to open their windows to get that beautiful Arizona fresh air in? Make sure your kitty doesn’t try to get out. Always use screens and make sure they are secure and your pet is not able to push through it.

o   Alcohol is not safe for cats, even in the smallest amount. Keep those cocktails to your self and away from your feline friend.

o   Chocolate is highly toxic to cats. Make sure that your kitty doesn’t have any access to those chocolate bunnies!

o   Easter Lillies are beautiful, but highly toxic to cats.  Even a small amount can be poisonous. Always keep away from your cat!

o   Strings can be harmful to cats, especially the fake grass that is used in many Easter baskets. Things like these are hard for your cat to digest and can cause internal issues. Best to keep items like this away from your feline friends!

o   It is the perfect time of year to spring clean! But many cleaning chemicals are harmful to pets. Keep your cat away from these products and keep them in a safe area where your cat cannot get to them.

Always remember, if you think your pet is in danger or got into something they shouldn’t have, contact your local vet immediately! Also, if you are unsure if a plant or certain item is dangerous to your kitty, ask your local vet! Better safe than sorry!


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