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Fearless Blog

The Cats of Disneyland

Calli Varner

Everyone knows that no life is complete without a cat. And even the Happiest Place on Earth has a handful of their own!

Yes, it is true! Disneyland has feral cats that live in the park. These cats mainly come out at night to catch critters (like mice, sorry Mickey Mouse!) But sometimes you can spot them during the day hiding in their favorite place. They are known as “The Cats of Disneyland” and they have become pretty famous.

The Cats of Disneyland have been a part of Disneyland dating back to around 1955. According to the cats, Walt Disney realized that soon after Disneyland open, the park ironically had a rodent problem. One of the workers noticed that the feral cats who snuck onto the property were quite helpful getting rid of the rodents. So it was decided that it would be best to keep the cats around and set up feeding stations for them throughout the park.

The staff at Disneyland takes care of the cats by leaving food and water throughout the park. The cats have full roam of the park, but typically prowl the park during the night. The staff will even make sure that any cat that needs medical attention receives it.

The feral cats typically stay away from people, but if the time comes when they start getting too used to people, it is time to adopt them out.  Most of the time, workers or family and friends of workers, adopt the cats. The staff does their best of trapping the cats to spay and neuter them.  But sometimes-new cats sneak onto the property and sometimes that leads to new kittens. When this happens, the kittens are adopted out to workers as well.

The cats have their very own blog and it is written from their point of view. The posts are hilarious! You can follow the comical cats at their blog at

The website also contains bios of each cat with information on their favorite hiding spot and where you might be able to spot them on your next Disneyland trip!

You can also, follow them on Facebook at

Do you know what is more magical than a Disneyland Cat? A Fearless Kitty of course! A former Fearless Kitty, Lt. Dan, entered a contest on the Cats of Disneyland Facebook page. They asked people to submit a photo of their favorite feline and they would pick 10 winners. Lt. Dan was one of the winners! He will be receiving a special Holiday card from the Cats of Disneyland! He will make sure to post it when he receives it!