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Fearless Blog

The Fearless Kitties are Having a Painting Party!

Calli Varner

Fearless Kitty Rescue is hosting a paint party! The Painting for Cats Fundraiser is on Saturday October 22nd at 3pm and also on Saturday November 5th at 3pm. Tickets are $45 and are available at

Photo by Katherine Farley

Photo by Katherine Farley

The kitties are already getting ready for the fun event and wanted to remind you that no experience is necessary! All material will be supplied along with wine and hors d'oeuvres!

Painting for Cats

The FKR Kitties Know How to Throw a Party

Calli Varner

Just a few weeks ago Fearless Kitty Rescue celebrated a former FKR kitty’s first birthday! Mango was adopted by one of the volunteers and the kitties at FKR had a party for Mango’s birthday.

If you adopted a cat from Fearless Kitty Rescue and would like the Fearless Kitties to celebrate, please let us know! We always love to hear how our former kitties are doing in their forever homes!

Photo by Kathie Farley

Photo by Kathie Farley

School is in Session at Kittyville

Calli Varner

Photo courtesy of Katherine Farley

Photo courtesy of Katherine Farley

It is back to school time! The kitties at Fearless Kitty Rescue went to class and learned so much. They want to remind you not to forget your pencils or backpack and don’t be late for the bus!

Pokémon Spotted at Kittyville!!

Calli Varner

Photo by Katherine Farley.

Photo by Katherine Farley.

Look what the kitties at Kittyville caught! Their very own Pikachu!

Next time you are out Pokémon hunting, don't forget to say hi to the kitties at Fearless Kitty Rescue. You never know what you will find!

Beating the Heat with FKR

Calli Varner

Ah…summertime in Arizona! Did you know we have already seen over 20 days with temperatures above 110 degrees?

So how are you beating the heat this summer?

The cats at Fearless Kitty Rescue have the right idea!  Come stay cool on the weekends while saying hi to these adorable kittens!

Photo By: Katherine Farley

Photo By: Katherine Farley

All in the Name of Love

Calli Varner


The Fearless Kitties got in the wedding spirit thanks to a very special person named Elissha.

Elissha’s friends just got married in Fountain Hills and for a present, Elissha made a donation to Fearless Kitty Rescue in honor of the couple.

All of the humans and of course the cats at Fearless Kitty Rescue are so delighted and thankful. We even made a card with the kitties dressed up in wedding attire for the special couple!

Happy 4th of July!

Calli Varner

All of the kitties and volunteers at Fearless Kitty Rescue are wishing everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July!

Photo courtesy of Katherine Farley

Photo courtesy of Katherine Farley



The 1st Annual Fearless Kitty 5k!

Calli Varner

This past Sunday was the first ever Fearless Kitty 5k and it turned out to not only be a lot of fun, but also a huge success! Even in the record setting heat, 288 participants completed the race alongside countless volunteers, all for the kitties of Fearless Kitty Rescue!

The 5k was complete with a terrific master of ceremonies, along with the FKR merchandise booth and some runners even sponsored a FKR cat and ran with their photo on them. There were even some participants that dressed up in kitty attire and took place in a fun cat costume contest. A large group of people really came together to not only support FKR, but to also raise awareness to the public about the need of rescuing and saving the lives of cats.

This whole event couldn’t have been done without the many volunteers who came together to make this event a successful one. They spent countless hours in the months leading up to the 5k, but they also dedicated their time and energy in the heat during the weekend of the race. From making sure that the racers’ packets were complete, to making the packet pick-up process painless and easy, to providing water and medical attention to any participant that needed it. The entire event ran smoothly, all because of the dedicated volunteers. We cannot say thank you enough!

We also want to say a huge thank you to all of the sponsors as well as everyone who came out to not only donate their money, but their time to Fearless Kitty Rescue and help make the first annual Fearless Kitty 5k an event no one will ever forget.

We hope to have this event again and want to make it an annual race so we would love to hear your feedback! Especially if you were at the 5k, please let us know what you thought and also provide us with photos.

Here is a little peak at what the fun was like:

Images by Kathie Farley

Images by Kathie Farley

Supa Kitty Roadtrip to Best Friends (Utah)

Renee Petrillo

What's better than saving kitties? Learning about how to save even more kitties! In mid-May I, along with 12 Fearless Kitty volunteers headed to Kanab, Utah to tour and help out at Best Friends Animal Society.

The drive was breathtaking.

The view upon arrival wasn't too shabby either.

We were immediately given a 1 1/2 hour tour of the property, which has grown to encompass nearly 3,700 acres and another 17,000 acres of state and federal land over the past 30 years.

We then attended a seminar on the trap and return (TNR) program. Fearless Kitty is a Network Partner with Best Friends and is in the running for a local grant to enable us to participate more fully in this program in the community of Fountain Hills. Here's a sample of what we learned.

They take everything from birds (like parrots), to bunnies, to guinea pigs! There were horses to talk to.

Goats to hang out with. Even rude ones.

Piggies to pet.

Dogs to walk and play with.

And of course, kitties to to cuddle. Meet Meow, who enjoys free reign of the property.

There are lots of cat buildings, all with indoor & outdoor areas, housing kitties with FIV or feline leukemia, or possibly incontinence, some paraplegic, a few needing socialization, and some simply waiting for forever families.  

First we had to work. I supervised.

Then it was time to play - my favorite part!

We did all this despite the hail, fog, sleet, and snow. 

When we weren't with animals, we were taking in the sights.

Can you believe the views from the onsite vegetarian cafe? 

Best Friends has lots of super heroes who do anything for their animals. 

We had a great time learning about their procedures, telling them about ours, and spending time with all their furry friends. Our off time was fun too.

Our last stop was Angel's Rest, Best Friends cemetery interring over 5,000 beloved pets. 

We found and said hi to Scully, a kitty that belonged to Jean and Rolland Lorenz and who inspired a Greg Todd statue called Hugs N' Kitten placed at the Fountain Hills' Community Center's Centennial Circle in honor of "fearless kitties." 

We had a full 3 days, but we weren't done yet! On our way back to Arizona, we jumped into rescue mode when we spotted a pregnant pooch running along the highway flanked by nothing but empty desert. It was obvious this incredibly friendly dog had been dumped. No problem! We grabbed her, named her Paige since that's where we found her, and before we reached Phoenix, had located a vet to take care of her, a donor to help pay for it, a rescue or two to help, and a foster family to make sure the momma was cared for and the soon-to-come babies safe.

And that's how Fearless Kitty Rescue does a road trip.


Best Friends is always open to people volunteering. So is Fearless Kitty, especially during kitten season in the summer, so if you want to volunteer with us, just give us a shout out!

Don't forget about the "grown-ups."

Jon Malis

The kittens have arrived!

Well, it's May and kitten season is in full swing. A lot of people that hear this are likely to have quite a positive reaction. The cuteness is out in full force, and there is a seemingly endless selection of little furry babies to choose from. Now, I love kittens as much as the next person. For an animal photographer like myself, kittens are among my most favorite models. Having said that, I can't help but feel a small measure of sadness while engulfed in this fuzzy adorableness. I find myself feeling a little badly for all of the adult cats that are sitting by and watching their potential adopters be distracted (understandably) by their little kitten cousins.

No kittens, no problem.

One obvious solution to this problem? If there were more well-run TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs being funded and then put into action, we wouldn't even be talking about this issue. Fearless Kitty Rescue is currently the front runner in a campaign to secure funding to be able to implement just such a program. If feral cats are caught, spay/neutered, and released back where they are found, this will not only keep kittens from existing in the first place, but will keep other feral kitties away from the area (as the newly “fixed” cats retain their territory). While a great solution, the issue is that even when Fearless Kitty wins the grant and is able to start this program, the effects may not be visible for at least a few years. 

So what to do in the meantime? Fix your kitty! While many of the kittens that are in the rescues this time of year are there due to feral situations, some are there because cat owners haven't "gotten around" to getting their pet fixed for various reasons:

  • Fixing an animal changes its personality. Yes it could - for the better. It stops them from spraying (usually) and makes them less territorial. 
  • Why bother - my cat is an indoor cat. Indoor cats get out!
  • I can’t afford it. Maricopa County has a free spay/neuter clinic held at the county shelter on many Sundays. There are several clinics that offer free or inexpensive services year-round.
  • I have no time.” Surely someone can find a spare hour or two on a weekend to get their pet(s) taken care of for free

If this sounds like you or someone you know, no more excuses!

Is an adult cat the better choice for your family?

Click to meet Wink

Click to meet Wink

Another fundamental issue is that most people don't really realize what they're in for when they adopt a cute little fur-ball. As a photographer, I'm all about the visuals, and there isn’t much more visually pleasing than a kitten or puppy. When choosing a kitty to bring into your family, however, the way a cat looks is far less important than the connection that is made between the feline and their potential human, or whether the animal is the right fit for a household.

At traditional shelters and the city pound, adult cats are more likely to be put down - a sad truth. Luckily, Fearless Kitty Rescue is committed to finding homes for all of its cats no matter what age and no matter how long it takes. 

Click to meet Prince

Click to meet Prince

You know, I’ve been told that kittens eventually turn into adult cats. While this could just be some kind of urban legend, below are some reasons someone might consider a "grown-up" cat:

Click to meet Molly

Click to meet Molly

  • When you adopt an adult cat, you know exactly what you’re getting: size, coat, color and personality. Adult cats show you their genuine personalities, making it easier to choose one who fits your lifestyle and family. Kittens haven’t yet fully developed their personalities and change rapidly. 
  • An adult cat is more likely to be trained - yes, they can be trained - to scratch a scratching post, are more tolerant with any kitty litter changes, and can go for longer periods of time between meals, which would fit in better with a family that isn’t around all day.
  • It’s not unusual for cats live for 16 to 20+ years. Adopting a mature cat will give you a loving pet for years to come. 
  • Adult cats have stronger immune systems and don’t succumb to common kitten illnesses. 
  • Children may find older cats more tolerant and a lot more huggable than a feisty kitten. 
  • Cats are very entertaining and playful—but more sensible. Unlike a kitten, their idea of play isn’t running over your head in the middle of the night or scaling up your leg when you step out of the shower.
  • Getting an adult cat means not having to deal with waking up at 5 a.m. by a kitty that absolutely has to play with you right then.

If you want a kitten, then by all means, go for it, but give the adults at whatever rescue or shelter you go to a second look. They deserve that at least. Hey, you never know, you may end up going home with two great animals. And one might be old enough to show the other the ropes. Every rambunctious kitten could probably do with a little mentoring on what it takes do be a master of napping.

Check out all of our wonderful cats here.

For more information about the grant that we are in the running for click here.

Content and Photos provided by Jon Malis with MD Photo and Design, and Renee Petrillo.

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Grant us this one wish.

Jon Malis

We are excited to announce that Fearless Kitty Rescue is currently in the running for a $10,000 grant from Republic Services! FKR provides Fountain Hills residents with a healthier, more beautiful, and environmentally responsible community through the responsible and humane care of the community cat population and is seeking the grant to not only continue to perform this service, but also to expand our program. Funds received would allow us to broaden our scope to 1) assist residents who find lost kittens and cats, 2) vaccinate and spay/neuter cat colonies found in dumpsters and local neighborhoods, 3) assist residents who have lost a cat or kitten or who can no longer care for their cat or kitten, and 4) fund a TNR (trap, neuter/spay, release) program in Fountain Hills. This work will result in fewer homeless cats and kittens, a reduced feral kitten population, and a cleaner environment.

As the primary resource for the housing and placement of cats in our community, we know that we will be uniquely effective in implementing a program like this. 

We are vying for this grant on the heels of a very important bill that was recently passed by the Arizona legislature. Senate Bill 1260 paves the way for TNR programs just like the one we are proposing. These types of programs are gaining acceptance across the country as both an effective and humane approach to managing community cat populations. 

In the past, community cats were held in a shelter for a mandatory period (usually 72-120 hours), then either put up for adoption or killed, depending on their temperament. If they were well socialized to humans, they’d have a chance of finding a forever home. If they had little contact with people, their futures looked unfortunately bleak.

Thanks to the new bill, if the cat is healthy and lacks any identification, it will be taken into a shelter or rescue. If certain criteria are met, the cat will be exempted from the mandatory standard holding period. It will simply be sterilized, vaccinated and returned to its outdoor home. With the inability to breed, the future population will decrease significantly in time.

Click here for the actual language from the bill.

Why TNR?

  • TNR reduces shelter admissions and operating costs. Also, fewer community cats in shelters increases shelter adoption rates, as more cage space opens up for adoptable cats.
  • These programs create safer communities and promote public health by reducing the number of unvaccinated cats.
  • TNR programs improve the lives of free-roaming cats. When males are neutered, they are no longer compelled to maintain a large territory or fight over mates, and females are no longer forced to endure the physical and mental demands of giving birth and fending for their young.
  • Sterilizing community cats reduces or even eliminates the behaviors that can lead to nuisance complaints.

For more on TNR, go to Best Friends TNR FAQS  

We are competing with four other wonderful local organizations, but only one can receive the grant. We believe that with your help, we can affect positive change in the Fountain Hills community for both humans and felines alike. If we succeed here, others will likely take notice and possibly start their own large-scale TNR programs in their own areas. 

Since our inception in 2012, we have rescued over 500 cats. If you want to help us save more kitty lives, please vote for for Fearless Kitty Rescue. 

If you live in Fountain Hills, you may be eligible to vote! For information on how to vote for us, please visit:  

Please share this information and help “grant” us this wish.

Springtime with your Kitty

Calli Varner

Spring has sprung, which means lots of fun activities are right around the corner! Here are some tips on how to have a fun and safe spring with your feline friend.

o   Who doesn’t love to open their windows to get that beautiful Arizona fresh air in? Make sure your kitty doesn’t try to get out. Always use screens and make sure they are secure and your pet is not able to push through it.

o   Alcohol is not safe for cats, even in the smallest amount. Keep those cocktails to your self and away from your feline friend.

o   Chocolate is highly toxic to cats. Make sure that your kitty doesn’t have any access to those chocolate bunnies!

o   Easter Lillies are beautiful, but highly toxic to cats.  Even a small amount can be poisonous. Always keep away from your cat!

o   Strings can be harmful to cats, especially the fake grass that is used in many Easter baskets. Things like these are hard for your cat to digest and can cause internal issues. Best to keep items like this away from your feline friends!

o   It is the perfect time of year to spring clean! But many cleaning chemicals are harmful to pets. Keep your cat away from these products and keep them in a safe area where your cat cannot get to them.

Always remember, if you think your pet is in danger or got into something they shouldn’t have, contact your local vet immediately! Also, if you are unsure if a plant or certain item is dangerous to your kitty, ask your local vet! Better safe than sorry!


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Young Volunteer Raises Donations for FKR

Calli Varner

Fearless Kitty Rescue received some very special donations from a very special volunteer! An amazing young volunteer of Fearless raised about $300 in donations for the rescue!

The 7th grader started volunteering with FKR in the fall of 2014 for his Mitzvah project. He recently took his volunteering to the next level by raising donations.

He put a donation box in his Temple with a list of needs for the rescue. People could donate the needed items or money. They were also able to send in donations. Thanks to the donations and money he raised, FKR was able to save three kitties!

The 13-year-old said he likes cats and animals in general, but thinks cats are better! He currently doesn’t have any animals, but had two cats in the past. He plans to have one when he is older.

One great thing about Fearless is kids under the age of 18 are allowed to volunteer as long as they are with an adult. The young volunteer said he was having a hard time finding a rescue that would allow anyone under the age of 18 to volunteer. We are glad he found us and is part of the FKR team!

FKR creates friendship with Jackson Galaxy and his team at Spirit Essences!

Calli Varner

Last summer we reached out to Jackson Galaxy and his team at Spirit Essences. Fearless Kitty Rescue wanted to invite him to check out Kittyville! One of his representatives got back to us right away and was so kind. We were not able to set anything up due to his busy schedule, but we did form a great relationship that we know will continue grow!

We keep in contact with her and email back and forth. She has even used former Fearless Kitty Lt. Dan’s photo for some things! (Move over Grumpy Cat!)

Back in October, a couple of FKR volunteers went to Jackson Galaxy & Kate Benjamin’s book signing in Phoenix.  It was an amazing experience!

Jackson and Kate talked for about 30 minutes. They really have a passion for making cats happy.  Their book, Catification, was just released and has great tips on how to catify your house! What does that exactly mean? Well it means making your cat happy by having plenty of toys and outlets for them that stimulates and challenges them. Check out the book for some more information and great ideas!

We met both of them and invited them to stop by Kittyville sometime. Kate lives in Phoenix and they both seemed interested in stopping by. This would be huge for the kitties. Jackson even signed a book dedicated to FKR!

His assistant took a photo with us and was very nice. She took down our contact info and said she will make sure to have Jackson stop by sometime when he is in Phoenix.

Some other special volunteers and Supa Kitty were able to meet Jackson at the Best Friends conference in Las Vegas shortly after! He said he remembered meeting the other volunteers at the book signing and would love to come check out Kittyville. We hope he has a chance to stop by soon!

Just recently, Jackson Galaxy and the team at Spirit Essences sent us a special delivery! They sent us a sample of their Stress Stopper remedy spray. We cannot thank them enough! An item like this can help many of the scared kitties adapt to their new surroundings after we rescue them.

We cannot wait to see where this relationship with Jackson Galaxy and his team at Spirit Essences will take us!

FKR volunteers meet Jackson at his book signing in Phoenix!

FKR volunteers meet Jackson at his book signing in Phoenix!

Some of the FKR gang, along with Supa Kitty, meet Jackson at the Best Friends' conference in Las Vegas!

Some of the FKR gang, along with Supa Kitty, meet Jackson at the Best Friends' conference in Las Vegas!

Former Fearless kitty Lt. Dan modeling off the Stress Stopper remedy sent to FKR from Jackson and his team at Spirit Essences!

Former Fearless kitty Lt. Dan modeling off the Stress Stopper remedy sent to FKR from Jackson and his team at Spirit Essences!

The Cats of Disneyland Holiday Card Has Arrived!

Calli Varner

After weeks of anticipation, Lt. Dan received his Holiday card from the Cats of Disneyland crew!

It is super cute and Lt. Dan feels very honored that they chose him to receive one of their cards this year! He would like to dedicate it to all of the kitties at Fearless Kitty Rescue and all of the volunteers and donors who help make FKR such a successful organization.

As you know, Lt. Dan is a former Fearless Kitty. He was adopted in March of 2013. Since then, he has become quite famous. Stay tuned for a blog about how Fearless Kitty Rescue and Lt. Dan has started a wonderful relationship with Jackson Galaxy and his team at Spirit Essences!

Holiday Safety Tips

Calli Varner

The Holidays are here and that means plenty of decorations and fun! It is a wonderful time of year, but it is also important to remember to keep your furry friend safe during the winter festivities!

I received an email the other day from Catster that included a quick and easy list of safety tips for cat owners during the Holiday Season! It was a great reminder for myself and the Fearless Kitties thought it was a good idea for me to share with fellow cat owners!

Your Christmas tree is a beautiful way to celebrate the Holidays, but it also brings a lot of dangers to your cat!  Real or fake, make sure your tree is secure and it is a good idea to put it up in a corner. A lot of cats, especially mine, like to play with the ornaments and try to climb the tree. Your cat could get hurt, not to mention cause a huge mess!

Poinsettias and the Christmas lily are poisonous to your kitty. If you are unsure if your holiday plant will hurt your cat, call your local veterinarian. It is always best to ask when in doubt!

Keep your cat away from the kitchen when you are cooking! They can be very sneaky and try to steal a bite of the goods! Many foods will upset your kitty’s tummy or cause other issues, especially chocolate. It is best to just keep your kitty away when working in the kitchen!

We all love to see our cats dressed up in cute festive costumes! Some cats can tolerate this better than others. Know your cat and do not force your pet into a costume or stress them out! Remember, dress up is supposed to be fun for both of you!

It is always nice to light your fireplace or candles to warm up during those chilly winter nights! Make sure to keep your furry friend away from the flames. They can easily singe their fur if they get too close.

Of course we all love cats and think that everyone else does too. We also think that everyone needs one and wants one in their life! Keep in mind, adopting a kitty is a huge commitment. It is not a good idea to give a kitty as a present. You can adopt one of our amazing Fearless Kitties ANYTIME of year.  Just make sure the timing is right and you are completely committed to adding a new family member.

It is a wonderful time of year to have friends and family over for gatherings! Be sure to alert guests that you have an animal. Keep in mind that some people could be allergic. Also, it is best to let your guests know so that they watch when they open the front door, we don’t want kitty escaping! My cat, like many others, loves to get into any beverage he can get his paws on. Keep beverages out of reach so that your cat doesn’t sneak a sip or knock them over!

Check out more tips at

Fearless Kitty Rescue wishes everyone and their animals a very happy and safe Holiday season!

The Cats of Disneyland

Calli Varner

Everyone knows that no life is complete without a cat. And even the Happiest Place on Earth has a handful of their own!

Yes, it is true! Disneyland has feral cats that live in the park. These cats mainly come out at night to catch critters (like mice, sorry Mickey Mouse!) But sometimes you can spot them during the day hiding in their favorite place. They are known as “The Cats of Disneyland” and they have become pretty famous.

The Cats of Disneyland have been a part of Disneyland dating back to around 1955. According to the cats, Walt Disney realized that soon after Disneyland open, the park ironically had a rodent problem. One of the workers noticed that the feral cats who snuck onto the property were quite helpful getting rid of the rodents. So it was decided that it would be best to keep the cats around and set up feeding stations for them throughout the park.

The staff at Disneyland takes care of the cats by leaving food and water throughout the park. The cats have full roam of the park, but typically prowl the park during the night. The staff will even make sure that any cat that needs medical attention receives it.

The feral cats typically stay away from people, but if the time comes when they start getting too used to people, it is time to adopt them out.  Most of the time, workers or family and friends of workers, adopt the cats. The staff does their best of trapping the cats to spay and neuter them.  But sometimes-new cats sneak onto the property and sometimes that leads to new kittens. When this happens, the kittens are adopted out to workers as well.

The cats have their very own blog and it is written from their point of view. The posts are hilarious! You can follow the comical cats at their blog at

The website also contains bios of each cat with information on their favorite hiding spot and where you might be able to spot them on your next Disneyland trip!

You can also, follow them on Facebook at

Do you know what is more magical than a Disneyland Cat? A Fearless Kitty of course! A former Fearless Kitty, Lt. Dan, entered a contest on the Cats of Disneyland Facebook page. They asked people to submit a photo of their favorite feline and they would pick 10 winners. Lt. Dan was one of the winners! He will be receiving a special Holiday card from the Cats of Disneyland! He will make sure to post it when he receives it!


Halloween in the Hills is right around the corner!

Calli Varner

Fearless Kitty Rescue will have their own booth again this year at Halloween in the Hills!

Avenue of the Fountains in Fountain Hills will be filled with lots of fun activities on October 31st starting at 4pm. Admission is free and your four legged friends are welcome to attend! There will be a costume contest for kids along with best human and pet costume contests!

There will be bounce houses and plenty of businesses and organizations with their very own booth. Each booth will have a carnival game for the kids and will be handing out candy.

Stop by the Fearless Kitty booth for a fun game and a yummy treat. Plus you can talk to the volunteers about all of the wonderful cats we have up for adoption!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Visit for more information!

When: Friday, October 31st from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills

Introducing...The Fearless Kitty Rescue Blog!

Calli Varner

Fearless Kitty Rescue is proud to launch our very own blog!

You will be able to find information about upcoming events, educational material, blogs from the rescue kitties, and much, much more.

In addition to the blog, Fearless has a whole new website! Check it out at

The website is full of photos, kitty bios, and information on how to adopt, volunteer, and donate.
For more information on adoptions and questions about Fearless, call our brand new phone number: 480-666-5544. You can call this number to schedule adoption appointments outside of the boutique and PetCo adoption hours, too!

A lot of exciting things have been happening at Fearless! We have officially opened our boutique on the weekends! You can visit the boutique on Saturday and Sundays from noon to 3pm. There is a lot of neat stuff like jewelry, artwork and of course FKR gear! You can also visit Fearless Kitties at Petco at the Scottsdale Pavilions. Adoption hours are every Saturday & Sunday from noon-3pm.

Fearless Kitty Rescue is a partner of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Thanks to a grant from them, ALL cats and kittens’ adoption fee will be $25!! Each Fearless kitty is neutered or spayed, micro chipped, and vaccinated. They are also tested for FIV and FeLV. Stay tuned for a blog about our relationship with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and how their partnership is helping us grow! 

We are very excited the direction Fearless Kitty is going. Check back for more exciting news and fun blogs!