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Kitty of the Month for March


We are pleased to introduce you to Molly. March is a special month for her as she has been with us the longest time--four years as of March 2013--AND her birthday is March 16, 2011, which makes her six years old this month.

Molly was found in a feral colony but appeared friendly enough that she was brought into Fearless Kitty Rescue. Her ear was tipped to indicate that she had previously been trapped, neutered and released as a feral cat. Her other ear was torn and she didn’t seem too happy to have joined our rescue for the first year. With a little TLC from the volunteers and some dental surgery to ease the pain from gingivitis, she eventually found the perfect viewing spot on top of a cat tree and soon became queen of the castle, introducing herself to every new cat that came into her room and teaching them how to groom and love her as she strolled around her kingdom.

As she learned the routine, she would come and greet the volunteers at the door, maybe looking for a special pet on the head or a treat, and then stretch out on the floor so her “royal subjects” could come lay beside her and groom her.

She thought she found her forever home in 2015, but the older, resident cat rejected her advances to become friends, and she went back to hiding. We scooped her back up and she happily returned to her kingdom.

Molly really needs her own human and home where she can feel safe and loved. She is shy at first and takes some time to get to know and trust you, but she loves attention and wants to be the center of your universe. It would be a wonderful birthday gift for Molly if you could give her a forever home; she’d be happy to introduce you to one of her “boyfriends” if you’d like to adopt two kitties together.


Please visit her page if you’d like to meet Molly!


Fearless Kitty Rescue is 100% funded by donations. We receive no government funding. We count on community support to continue our life-saving programs. As a no-kill rescue organization, we spend approximately $200 per animal to prepare them for adoption. This includes daily care during their stay at our adoption centers, vaccinations, tests, microchip and spay/neuter surgery. No gift is too small to help us continue our life-saving efforts. 

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